Famous places dedicated to Saint James

St James Palace

St. James the Great has many places of worship that are dedicated to him. One of the more famous places is St. James' Way, which is the route the Spanish take in their pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, one of the finest examples of architecture in the world. This is where relics from St. James are stored and preserved in a crypt.

St. James the Less has a palace that has been dedicated to him in London, entitled "St. James's Palace." A park was also established where the palace sits. It was commissioned by Henry VIII and was used as the primary residence of the monarch from 1698 when the Whitehall Palace was destroyed by fire. It was used on and off by the Monarch till Buckingham Palace was purchased in 1872, and remains the Monarch's primary residence.

There are several cathedrals and churches around the world dedicated to St. James. There are also several railway stations around the world named St. James station. A Royal British Navy ship the HMS St. James was a battle-class destroyer that was commissioned in 1946 and decommissioned in 1961.

Some of the other places dedicated to St. James are towns, clubs, theaters, schools, parks, hospitals, and colleges. There was also a St. James Church massacre that occurred in Cape Town, South Africa at the St. James Church. To follow along those lines, the St. James's Day Battle, which occurred between the Dutch and English on St. James Day in 1666.


Way of St. James

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